Pathfinder 2013

The Adventure So Far....

Having started the page for this campaign so late, alot has happened so far. Here is a summary of events from Level 1 to 8.
Mayor Uptal called upon 4 brave young apprentices of Kassen to travel to the Crypt of the Everflame to light a ceremonial lamp to mark the end of the Autumn harvest. There was nearly a T.P.K. by some pretend Orcs soon after leaving the town. Half the party had trouble climbing and tumbled down into the Serpent Gorge. The party navigated the upper level of the Crypt of the Everflame, discovering some harmless traps, and some not-so-harmless undead skeletal Orcs. A survivor, Roldare, was discovered and requested that the group find and rescue his sister. Mordus almost drown trying to retrieve a key from the bottom of a fountain. In one of the rooms of the crypt, a mural was discovered showing Kassen and Asar wearing unusual amulets.

You guys battled through the lower level of the crypt and came to the resting place of Ekat Kassen, where you were confronted by Kassen’s former treasure hunting companion Asar Vergas. You defeated the resurrected skeletal Asar Vergas and lit the lantern from the everflame and discovered that the amulets worn by both Kassen and Asar had been stolen. The spirit of Kassen spoke to you and told you of the ancient city of gold that is unlocked when the three pieces of the amulets are combined.

After returning to Kassen, Mayor Uptal requested that your group travel to Tamran, a city located 6 days south of Kassen by boat and search for the missing amulets. Tamran is the rumoured homebase of the crypt raiders. The return of the amulets to Kassen’s crypt is the only way to contain the evil that was unleashed and ensure that the town of Kassen remains safe. Mayor Uptal recommends contacting his colleague Olmera Treesong after they arrive in Tamran. She is a city councilor and may be able to provide valuable information to the group.

Your group accepted the mission and traveled on the Black Mist, a river barge captained by a one-eyed, grizzled dwarf named Walren. He told you about the dark history between Tamran and Multhune and the terrible looting and pillaging that Multhuni privateers have been doing to ships travelling on the Lake Encarthen.

As the Black Mist approached Tamran, it was boarded by three Multhuni raiders, who were quickly defeated by your group.

After arriving in Tamran, late in the evening, your group headed to Gar’s Last Meal, a discrete inn near the docks where your group could rest for the night. After some heated debate with the one-armed innkeeper, Puglass Tamall, about the room rates, you retired separately to your rooms. Shortly afterward, Avro received a note slipped under his door.

“For information on the crypt raiders and the amulets, meet at the Forest Bounty tavern now. – O.T.”

You met with Olmera Treesong, who advised you that you should pose as recruits and try and join the Temple of Razmir, so you could search for incriminating evidence of the church’s corruption and track down the missing amulets.

You and a mysterious young human named Evlar attended a recruiting session at the Ranger’s Lament where you were drugged and performed an initiation to enter the church as Acolytes. This is where you met Egarthis, one of the Heralds, and Krant, the disciplinarian Priest.

Azazel proved that he was the toughest of the group by winning the bloodsport match. You stole the temple key from Krant and discovered the hidden tunnel that leads from the temple basement to the Ranger’s Lament tavern across the street. Mordus and Rock found the snake pit where the temple sends traitors and enemies to their death, and quickly defeated the venomous snake that inhabited there.

You were briefly interrogated as Krant searched for the key, but other matters drew his attention.

Krant and a large contingent of the temple acolytes and priests suddenly geared up and left the temple on an important assignment. You were left behind in the Worship Hall.

You guys had stormed the sacred second floor of the Razmiran temple, defeated the Mask Golem, discovered evidence of the Temples illegal activities, and took on a large part of the temple’s membership, resulting in burning down the Ranger’s Lament.

You also discovered the remains of ancient damaged gold chains in the temple basement, but the amulets were not discovered.

A note was also discovered in the ledgers in Iramine’s quarters that explained that she had found the amulets and was headed to the City of Golden Death located on the Isle of Terror.

You handed the ledgers over to Olmera Treesong, city councillor, who used the evidence to take down the temple using the city military. Olmera tells you that Captain Walren and the Black Mist are still docked at the city wharf. He may be able to transport them to the Isle.

You guys traveled across the Lake Encarthen on the Black Mist barge with Captain Walren. The journey was not without incident – there was sea-sickness, a man-hating ghost tried to kill everyone, and some constrictor snakes boarded the barge looking for a meal.

You arrived at the Isle of Terror. The entire island is covered with a dark force that Azazel recognizes as a negative energy plane. The plane causes constant storms to rage on the island.

You arrived at the island from the SW end of the island on a white sand beach in front of a collapsed stone fortress. The fortress is collapsed and is overgrown with green vines and partially covered in blown sand.

While exploring the ruins of the fortress, you discovered a small party of Razmiran cultists sitting around a small fire. You killed most of the group, through the Razmiran Priest on the fire to burn alive, and captured one of the Acolytes.

You discovered that the Acolyte you had captured was in fact Evlar, the other young man who was drugged at the Ranger’s Lament and recruited by the Temple of Razmir. He and the group of cultists that your group killed, had escaped from the temple in Tamran before the Tamran Military raided and shut down the temple. They had planned on catching up to Iramine and the other cultists, when they were attacked by wolves, then by your group, which resulted in the deaths of all the cultists except Evlar.

You travelled east across the Isle of Terror, following the trail of the Razmiran cultists. Storms raged overhead constantly, with nearby lightning strikes occurring.

You came upon a giant frog, which Mordus exploded with a magic missile, right in front of Avro. Attempting to clean off the frog goo from his face, Avro splashed swamp water on his face, resulting in a severe poisoning.

During the first night on the island, your camp was attacked by a pack of Terror Wolves.

The next day you travelled north and came upon the remains of a large battle at one of the Razmiran campsites. At the site were about a dozen dead Razmiran cultists and 8 or 9 large humanoid lizards (Whisperscale Lizards). Powerful wind gusts from the north knocked down Azazel and Mordus and made movement difficult for Avro. Rock seemed unaffected. During this high wind, a group of Whisperscale Lizards along with their chief had returned to the battle ground and attacked your group for trespassing on their land. With the help of some magical ponies, the group of lizardmen was defeated.

Your group then had an encounter with a Dark Stalker and a few Dark Creepers.

You continued to travel north and came to the base of a mountain with two large stone doors recessed into the mountain face. As you approached the doors, a young green dragon landed and attacked. Before the dragon had a chance to fly again, you were able to defeat him.

You entered the mountain passage and traveled downward for hundreds of feet through long switchback tunnels and eventually entered a large rectangular chamber. The chamber was decorated in murals, some depicting an enormous army in golden armour, some depicting a crowded bustling marketplace. On the east wall was a large parchment map that was attached to the stone wall. The map showed the layout of the city. Rock tried to remove the map, but only managed to remove part of it. There were mathematical formulas scrawled below the map in charcoal. Avro’s keen dungeoneering skill told him that these numbers represented the volume of gold it would take to flood the city, and that the flood would occur 72 hour after the gates to the city were opened.

Based on the signs of foot traffic on the sand floor of the chamber, Rock was able to determine that the Razmirans were only 6 hours ahead of them and that none of them appeared to have stopped to examine the map or calculations.

You then left the map room, passing through a large doorway and into the heart of the mountain, which opens up into an enormous cavern. The cavern is lit by a glowing green phosphorescence which is reflected off of the cavern ceiling. The enormous city is ringed by a 50 foot wide canal of molten gold. A wide bridge crosses the canal directly after leaving the map room.

You battled and defeated a gold guardian which was protecting the bridge to the city and traveled north. The outer ring of the city is in ruins with most of the once great city now reduced to rubble. The entire city however is coated in gold. You could see, to the north, a wall that separates the second ring of the city and beyond that another wall, which separates the centre of the city.

As you traveled north along the gold road, you came to the first intersection and set off an ancient trap, which summoned a large fire elemental. You battled and defeated the fire elemental, then retreated off of the main road for a brief rest.

Your group battled your way through the City of Golden Death to the centre of the city. You fought off bat swarms, golden skeletons, animated columns, golden skeletal ogres, and a Dark Naga.

You skillfully avoided temptation when presented the pile of gold and jewels inside the city’s second ring.

Your team battled an undead golden dragon who would have knocked you into the molten golden canal, but he didn’t expect the skills of Rock, who blocked the attempted Awesome Blow. After defeating the dragon, you stormed the temple at the centre of the city.

In the temple you found Iramine, the high priestess of the Temple of Ramir, and as you soon discovered, Mordus’ birth mother. She extended an offer to Mordus to join her in unlimited power, wealth, and immortal life. After Mordus refused, she tried to use mind control to force him to join her.

A battle ensued with Iramine, part way through she transformed into a huge fire elemental. After she was defeated, you retrieved the amulet key from around her neck and placed her body into a bag of holding. The battle in the temple caused the building to partially collapse, blocking the door. You found two potions of teleport on Iramine, and used them to teleport to near the beach.

You found the Black Mist barge abandoned. While boarding to investigate, the barge was attacked by giant tentacles which rendered the vessel unseaworthy.

You responded to screams from up the beach and discovered a Chuul (big crab like creature) had captured Captain Walren. The Chuul killed him before you could mount a rescue. After defeating the Chuul you had an in depth discussion about opening an exotic sea food restaurant on the island.

You then traveled north up the beach adjacent to the white wood but were soon obstructed by a 60 foot high shear cliff face covered in this black goo on the bottom 10 feet. You guys turned south and traveled back down the beach and headed east through the swamp along the southern coast of the island.

You set camp in the swamp and in the morning you were awoken by a large drunk Treant who fell onto Mordus. Vinroot was generous enough to provide some home brew Nodrim alcohol. He pointed you in the direction of an ancient Thassilonian temple deep in the swamp.

You travelled to the temple and were confronted by a Movanic Deva (angel) obediently guarding the entrance to the temple. He appeared to have no idea what occurred inside the temple or the nature of the temple, but he guarded the entrance. Azazel and Rock were able to enter the temple, while Avro and Mordus were unwilling to leave their magical items outside the temple and unable to bluff their way past the angel.

The symbol of a seven pointed star occurs throughout the temple.

Rock and Azazel discovered the sculpture of fortune and fate which randomly provided either a temporary boon or a penalty. The head of the statue is a disk surrounded by the seven point star. They also discovered a shadow that had been living in the temple and battled it.

Azazel then smuggled in Avro and Mordus’ magic items past the angel which allowed them to enter the temple. You guys proceeded into the chapel of the temple, where there was a giant mosaic of the seven pointed star rune on the floor. It was also where an undead graveknight fighter was patrolling the temple for intruders. The graveknight fighter was destroyed and you proceeded to the final room of the temple.

In this room you discovered the three disfigured leathery skinned sloth sinspawn priests in mid-prayer in front of a large gold plated statue of a female with a snake body below the waist and a large seven sided star rune for a head aho is holding a whip handle outstretched with the end of the whip glowing red hot. The same seven sided star rune is on the end of the whip handle.

You battled the sloth sinspawn and examined the room. Rock discovered a key on one of the corpses which opened the base of the statue to uncover 5 sacks of gold totaling approximately 30,000 gp.

After reading the inscription around the top of the statue and branding yourselves with the rune on the statue’s whip handle, you were instantly transported from the temple.

You appeared in a lightless damp circular room with a packed dirt floor and stone walls. You hear thumping overhead, then a sound like rusted metal rubbing against itself and a hidden stone door opened inward. The smell of pipe smoke wafts into the room and you see a figure in the door frame, a ball of blue crackling energy forming in his open palm he hold over his head.

Mordus and Azazel instantly recognize the figure as Holgast, their elderly wizard mentor.

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